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Adjust Servings:
2-3 tbs (ground coffee) enough to make 32oz coffee beans, ground Use much as desired depending on how strong you like your coffee
2 tsp Cocoa Powder Use 1/4 tsp per ice cube; use remaining to stir in coffee
1 tsp Vanilla Extract Stir in 1/2 tsp per serving (optional)
Optional Stevia Use if desired
1 tbs Coconut Milk Use if desired

Perfect Mocha Iced Coffee

This iced coffee is elevated to perfection by infusing the coffee cubes with even more chocolate!





    Hi there! Let’s talk about this cup of joe.


    And it’s not just any ordinary cup of coffee
    …it’s in a glass
    … it’s iced with mocha infused coffee cubes
    …it’s got coconut milk
    …it’s Whole30 approved!
    …and it has this sexy slow pour action shot I managed to capture

    As you guys are more than aware…I am ALL about my coffee. But usually I am up at the crack of dawn. WAY before the sun gets up and a cup of hot coffee is ok in the morning during the summer before the sun rises. However, I am a one hot cup of coffee kind of gal and another hot one in the late afternoon during the summer never sounds appealing.

    On the other hand a glass filled with chilled coffee with iced coffee cubes is just the afternoon pick me up I need on a hot summer day or any day. I mean I still eat frozen treats in the winter so, there you go.

    I used to love getting the super over priced iced coffee at my local Starbucks but I always hated that it turned into watered down coffee…and guys, I will have NONE of that. Gross.

    Here comes in these great chocolate coffee cubes of magic and wonder. They only ADD flavor to the coffee as they melt! I mean, I mean?!?!

    Chocolate plus coffee = bliss


    I still keep it simple, cause well it’s coffee. I make 2 batches of coffee. One to be mixed with cocoa powder and turn into cubes and the other to be chilled in the fridge over night. That way the next day all I have to do is pour into my glass and sip. Or in my case inhale and have TOO MUCH ENERGY the rest of the day.

    And this coffee comes just in time for my next round of the Whole30. Yup. Round 6 baby. And Jake PROMISES he will stick with it this time 😉 (not that he needs to but he agrees that he feels so much better eating this way- and he loves to support me cause he’s so sweet like that) 🙂


    So, are you convinced?! Let’s make some Mocha Iced Coffee!

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    Brew coffee and allow to cool


    Pour cooled coffee into an ice tray and stir in 1/4 tsp of cocoa powder into each cube ;allow to freeze for at least 4 hours or over night


    Pour remaining coffee into a pitcher and store in fridge over night


    Add coffee to glass and add vanilla, coconut milk, and cocoa to coffee and stir. Add coffee cubes. Enjoy!


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    I always get so sad when I buy iced coffee because it starts off too strong and ends up being too watery, and maybe if I’m lucky I might couple of sips in the middle that are just right. So those coffee ice cubes? Positively GENIUS! Love the hint of cocoa you’ve blended in, too.

    This is all sorts of brilliant – coffee mocha ice cubes – perfect. And I know what you mean about the watered down ‘bucks coffee. I often get an extra shot to combat the watery down drama but I’d much rather learn to make it at home (and not have it taste like cop coffee). Love this!

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