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Holiday Gift Guide for the Health Nut 2015

gift guide

We all know that person. That person who is up at the crack of dawn and has run 5 miles, run the bleachers 20 times, or completed a tough WOD at CrossFit. Or that person who is a meal prepper, she always has her nutrition in check, eats paleo, whole30, or counts her macros. Heck, maybe that person is you and you should totally treat yourself because I have the PERFECT holiday gift guide for the health freak in your life. I know I am one. And I am pretty sure most of these items are on my holiday wish list this year πŸ˜‰

Some of these items I already own and HAD to share with you too!

I am pretty sure I love getting gifts for others than receiving. Maybe its because I am a grown up now. But I find sincere joy finding that one item that will put a smile on someone’s face. That I put time and effort into finding the perfect thing to make their day. I love it! Are you as enthusiastic about gift giving? ( Each item below is coordinated with the picture above- number 1 below matches number 1 above and etc.) :)

  1. The Kitcheneer Clean Eating E-book- This e-book is packed with delicious EASY recipes that have never before been featured on the blog. AND IT’S FREE!!!! Just click the download button and you can have it on your desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or you can get it printed!
  2. I LOVE this water bottle! It motivates you to stay hydrated all day long! SO IMPORTANT for weight loss and just really important in general!
  3. A good food processor. I can’t say enough good things about my food processor. It makes cauliflower rice a breeze, nut butters in a snap, purees, soups, pestos, bread crumbs, dices up your veggies in no time, and can even knead dough!
  4. A box of Rx Bars. During my Whole30 I have such a hard time getting in all my protein especially after a hard workout when it’s really important if you want your muscles to grow. These are Whole30 approved and taste AMAZING! I love the coffee cocoa and the chocolate sea salt flavors!
  5. Animal Fat. Yup. For all you paleo peeps out there you understand that fat is your friend. I didn’t start seeing my fat loss results until I started incorporating healthy fats in my diet. I always add a tablespoon or two of healthy cooking fat to my meals to ensure my nutrition is balanced.
  6. A spiralizer. Again, I don’t know how I survived without this thing. Being the pasta lover I am,this spiralizer has been a LIFE SAVER. I make zucchini noodles, sweet potato noodles, butternut squash fries. IT’S AMAZING.
  7. For your Swole mate: Don’t want to wear your wedding bands to your CrossFit gym, but still want others to know who your spouse is? These wedding bands are perfect and SUPER CUTE to show off your #WCW ( woman candy Wednesday) or #MCM ( Man Candy Monday)
  8. Fitness Fashion Statement– Show off your hard earned bod with this open back long sleeve shirt. It’s airy yet keeps you warm during the colder months.
  9. Sistema Food Containers- perfect for meal prep!
  10. Asics running shoes- I have had Asics for years and plan to use them in a race next month!
  11. Flavor God Seasonings. I use these ALL THE TIME. If you have a hard time figuring out what spices to use on your food, this takes the guess work out of it and they are ALL DELICIOUS and PALEO! This company prides itself on using the freshest ingredients and makes each batch fresh before it comes to your front door.
  12. A good Crock pot– The crock pot is your friend. It literally cooks for you while you are away at work. This has saved my nutrition so many times. Sometimes after a long day, you don’t want to even think about cooking. But you put a bunch of deliciousness in the crockpot this morning and voila! Dinner is done.
  13. Stupid Easy Paleo Performance Cookbook. This is my favorite cookbook. I use it weekly. Mainly to make these insanely good burrito bowls. Yum!
  14. The Coffee Mug that gets you– You go Glen Coco
  15. For Such a Time Designs– for those who play with their food
  16. Reebok Nanos– to get a little more out of your workout
  17. Essie Nail Polish– Hey, a girl can still have pink nails while she lifts ok?
  18. Skinnytaste’s Meal Planner- perfect for staying on track!
  19. Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder– For keeping your tablet away from the mess while following along with your favorite recipes!
  20. Mineral Bath Soak– working out hard means being rough on yourself. This bath will help with the soreness and help your muscles relax.
  21. A sharp knife. A chef is as only good as his knife. Seriously, all the chopping you do to meal prep changes for the better significantly when you have the right tools. I use this knife everyday and keep it sharp!
  22. To keep you warm while getting your sweat on- Luluemon Scuba Hoodie
  23. WOD Journal– keep track of your PRs with a journal to beat your score every workout!
  24. Colorful Pants– because your butt never looked so cute
  25. For When you Ain’t Got Time For That-
  26. (Bonus item not listed above) A REWARD!! For when you reach your goals or just because you treat yourself- Kaleidoscope Jewels has a great selection of pieces that will go with any outfit for any occasion! And they are made from real pearls and precious stones!   

Happy Shopping!


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